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"The experience with alist has been very fruitful. Their database have a great range of influencers . Their engagement have increased our reach and exposure to new customers. The services provided were promptly and rightfully implemented."

Oh My Tacos
Bashar - Owner

"Signing up with A-List helped us to get the right traffic to our venue, hotel, and feedback on our Tripadvisor (enhancing our hotel ranking by 15 steps) We started with one outlet, and in a short time, we enrolled other venus and offers to have the proper criteria and extensive social media exposure."

St Regis Hotel Downtown
Hossam - Communications and marketing manager

"I'm happy to say that we have new followings on a daily basis. Our account manager is great when dealing with influencers, she is always responsive at any time of the day. The technology made by alist takes care of all communications between us and the creators and that's awesome!"

Para Art
Maret - Head of Marketing

"AList is the perfect choice for a business to get a massive daily continuous non stop exposure on social media through well known and real bloggers. Stories that reaches a very extensive public of all types and nations. It's the ideal tool in UAE where your target audience is shattered over 190 Nations and no social media marketing tool does it better. We have managed to reach a very wide diversity of targeted audiences that traditional tools makes it impossible to achieve faster and more effective."

Sushi Nations
Shadi- Owner

"As Pura Vida Eco Retreat is Abu Dhabi based, it was challenging to activate the experience with covid restrictions but alist made it with minor comments & issues, and we got a significant amount of exposure and awareness that we were in need of. It's a great experience working with alist and we are shortly adding our second location to the platform. We have seen an increased social media presence and visitors at the retreat and will continue with our campaign to see further results."

Pura Vida
Bashar- Co-Founder

"Alist is one of the most convenient platform to work with. They have access to thousands of influencers that will drive growth to your business at a very competitive cost. Super organized, very clear communication and the team is there to support any inquiry 24/7."

Snack Markit
Imad - Owner

"I joined the platform to get the right creators to market my business on social media. Working with the alist team have become very beneficial to me as the exposure and awareness have grown rapidly. I have tried other companies in Dubai but didn't find a company that is as convenient and cost effective as alist."

Crazy Mask
Nicholas - Marketing Manager

"It's very helpful to use the alist platform to help grow our brands. I've seen a huge difference in exposure and I'm very satisfied with the platform and how smooth the whole process is. The monthly reports are accurate and informative. A great experience!"

Go Beauty
Sameeh - Owner

"It's very helpful to use the alist platform to help grow our brands. I've seen a huge difference in exposure and I'm very satisfied with the platform and how smooth the whole process is. The monthly reports are accurate and informative. A great experience!"

Sameeh - Owner

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"I love working with alist, I feel like we are one family, one team."


"I’ve been with alist for a while now, and I’m so happy! I’m visiting many nice places and being offered good useful services.I wish the team all success, keep going!"


"I’m so happy to be a part of the alist family. I love the services and invitations and I’m very satisfied!"


"It gives me great pleasure to be a part of this special application, which gives the blogger great coverage with amazing offers. The most beautiful part is the relationship with the venues, the cooperation is always distinguished."


"The platform comes with lots of benefits, I get to choose different offers on a daily basis and are really enjoying the fine dining & nightlife experiences!"


"I like the site it’s so helpful and have amazing venues, the platform is so convenient and makes it easier then ever to do collaborations!"


"Working with alist is always a pleasure as it is super simple and professional. As an influencer it means that I can easily connect with brands that I’m interested in working with and that suit my target market via the app. There is no wait time or complications. Approvals are quick and convenient."


"Registering with alist has been an ongoing great experience. I get to try several brands. The team is very supportive and professional. Happy to be an alister."


"Thank you alist for having me, really enjoyed many different collaborations being provided over all these years. I’m looking forward to use of more your service, hopefully you can expanded worldwide too like US and Australia, many influencers would love to join too!"


"Discovering Alist in Dubai was like discovering Dubai itself. Got me connected to the best venues and the service they provide is always so professional. I love using the platform because there is always a nice place to visit, they keep getting more divers and fun! Love you Alist"


"Alist are pioneers in this concept and the deserve all the success. Thank you to let me be part of it, I’m grateful."


"I am very happy to be part of alist, it was my first Platform to become an influencer talking about food & lifestyle in Dubai, and I’m having a successful experience."


"I am glad to be part of this super active & creative platform connecting creators and businesses to share the best selected experiences with the world.Creative, selective, professional and very user friendly platform"